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The Montage Service Providers List

Updated June 29, 2024


About the List

The Montage Service Providers List (“TMSPL”) was created and is maintained by John L. Wade for the benefit of the residents and owners of The Montage who are looking for service providers that have worked, and want to continue working, in The Montage. This list continues to evolve with additional input from those in The Montage Community.

The Montage Service Providers List is not affiliated with The Montage Owners Association, its directors, officers, agents, and/or employees.


Adding to or Updating the List

This is a “Living List” that will continue to evolve with additional input from those in The Montage Community – the more people that contribute to the List, the better the List will be for everyone. If you want to Add or Update a Service Provider on this List, please click / tap Add / Update A Service Provider.


Service Providers

DISCLAIMER: The Service Providers on this List are only suggestions as to a company or person to be considered. The companies and persons listed are not endorsed in any way, nor is the quality of their workmanship guaranteed, by those who have contributed to this List.


Mr. Appliance of Reno
(775) 384-8400
Comments: Per Cindy: GREAT SERVICE! Fridge stopped working on the day after Christmas (when it was FULL, of course!). I called first thing in the morning, spoke with Season (who was a great source of information and a perfect first contact with the company – she’s fabulous!) and she scheduled Trevor. He was here within a couple of hours of my original call (as scheduled). He made a temporary fix so that it would work until the replacement part came in. When they got the part the next day, he showed up on time again, got the part installed,and verified that everything was working. The job got scheduled and completed quickly and correctly, within the time-frame promised, and by pleasant, courteous and professional people. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Comments: Per John: I had 3 new Miele appliances that were not working. The Miele service technician could not figure out the problems nor how to fix them. I contacted Mr Appliance and Chris made a few visits to determine and install the correct parts. Now everything works great. I highly recommend Mr. Appliance and will definitely use them in the future.
Comments: Per Sandra: They are marvelous! My fridge needed a part to dispense water and ice. They had it within a few days. They scheduled me immediately. Great company, great techs! They do not disappoint.

Copenhaver Architecture
Todd Copenhaver
(775) 343-9919
Comments: Per John: Todd initially did the master bathroom remodel in our Montage condo which included adding a large bathtub. Then Todd did our 3-story townhouse remodel and he does all my commercial buildings. He’s very unassuming, creative, and actively listens to his clients. I think he’s great to work with and plan to use him for many more upcoming projects.

Prosource AV & Integration
Jason Garlington
(775) 412-3011
Comments: Per John:  Jason has worked with us on two of our properties. In The Montage, he did our home theaters, shades, Internet, and Savant whole home integration with remotes. He also worked directly with The Montage installing the video conference system in the 3rd floor meeting room. One caveat: Since the pandemic, Jason has been very busy. He may be late and seem unresponsive; however, we find it’s been worth the wait.

Five Step Carpet Care
Joe Tracy
(775) 530-0591
Comments: Per Jill:  This is one of the few carpet cleaning companies that will clean carpets and rugs in high-rise units. Joe was efficient, fair, thorough, and professional.

1-2-3 Floor
Dean Barker
(775) 781-9299
Comments: Per John: Dean has done an excellent job on our LVT and carpet in two of our units in The Montage. He has also done work directly for The Montage including carpeting and the 6th floor Marmoleum.

HBM Technology Partners
Gary Foote, Owner
(775) 322-4559
Comments: Per John: HBM Technology is located at 323 West St, which is across the street from The Montage, so you can just walk in with your laptop or whatever is broken and Gary, Trevor (his son), or one of the 4 other techs on their team will fix it. Better yet, they make “house calls” so you don’t even have the hassle of disassembling your equipment. Either way, it’s “one-stop shopping” with the personal attention that is missing in these days of Geek Squads, ship-to service centers, etc.

Tim Milton Construction LLC
Jim Johnson
(888) 780-9864
Comments: Per John: Finding a Full B Contractor to work in The Montage is difficult but Jim came through for us. Currently (April 2021), they are so busy they are turning away work but if you need a Full B Contractor, give him a try – he may be able to squeeze you in.

The Montage Chief Engineer
David Rosequist
(775) 333-6817
Comments: Per John: If you are having issues with door or window alignment, leaks, wind noise, etc., David Rosequist will add your unit(s) to the schedule for inspection and repair. I had my 2 units done and the service provider did a great job getting everything adjusted properly. To get on the schedule, send David an email describing your issue(s) along with your contact info and unit number.

Nailed It Drywall
JJ Escobar
(775) 221-4785
Comments: Per John: A very nice guy whose company does incredible work. When they are done, you won’t be able to tell where their drywall stops and the old drywall begins. If you call him, please let him know you are from The Montage and that John Wade referred you.

Action Electric
(775) 322-6633
Comments: Per John: I called Action after my first electrician dropped the ball. Stephen did the work necessary to complete the job. He was very nice and detail-oriented. Action pricing is very reasonable and they do a lot of other work in The Montage so they know the building well.

Midtown Electric
(775) 267-7520
Comments: Per Ellen: Glenn is professional, easy to deal with, and efficient. He just did a few quick things – replaced lights, smoke detectors – but I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again.

Legacy Fire Services
Billy Walker
(775) 432-2336
Comments: Per John: After my painter painted the sprinkler heads, Legacy replaced them. They also supplied custom officially painted sprinkler head covers that match my ceiling paint. They did a great job and were reasonably priced. Nick, who did the actual work, was previously with the company that services The Montage so he knows the building well including how to turn off the water while the work is being done.

High Caliber Glass
Wade Renslo
(775) 622-9690
Comments: Per John: Wade and his team have done two units for us including mirrors, shower doors, full glass walls, bar counters, backsplashes, etc. Their work is excellent and their prices very reasonable. They have also done many other units in The Montage. If you call them, please let them know you are from The Montage and that John Wade referred you.

Royal Glass
(775) 828-6060
Comments: Per Jill: My glass shower door dislodged from the moulding. I was told this is a common problem in many units.  Royal Glass was familiar with the problem, had helped other unit owners with the same issue, and knew exactly how to repair it. They were professional, knowledgeable, and thorough.

Woody Burns
(775) 351-3989
Comments: Per Myra: Terrific, super competent handyman. Able to do all kinds of handyman odd jobs. Reasonably priced. And a really nice human, to boot!
Comments: Per Sandra: In the few months I lived here (end of 2023), I called Woody multiple times and no one got back with me.

Essential Home & Garden
Jimmy Mello
(775) 544-8737
Comments: Per Sandra: Jimmy has done a variety of work in my unit. From hanging pictures, to replacing shower guard, built & hung a shoe shelf, put carpet tape on my rugs, and more! I highly recommend him. Jimmy says, “specializing in all things home and garden. No job too big or too small. Call for your free in-home estimate.”

Monika Hughen
(775) 870-5234
Comments: Per John & Mary: We have very nice, high-end fixtures and furnishings, so we have been very cautious and reluctant about hiring someone who may damage them while cleaning. Fortunately, we hired Monika (who previously worked for The Montage), because she does an excellent and very thorough job. Monika spent the first several days doing a deep cleaning. Now she works 1-1/2 days a week and visitors constantly comment how clean everything is. Her rates are reasonable, she shows up on time, and we highly recommend giving her a chance to show you the quality of her work.

Beatriz “Betty” Chavez
(775) 247-9371
Comments: Per Tara: She is exceptional, timely, and thorough.

(775) 501-5411
Comments: Per Julie: Very thorough and professional. Excellent work.
Comments: Per Kris: FYI, I tried this person Maria and her phone is disconnected.  Just to keep things updated.

Monica’s House Cleaning
(775) 544-3445 & (775) 544-4575
Comments: Per Vicki: We have used Monica’s House Cleaning Service since we purchased our first condo here in Reno. She cleans my house and the condo we own and rent out at The Montage. She comes highly recommended by us as she has been with us for literally 10+ years. Monica runs the business and her mother Blanca does the cleaning with other helpers. They come, clean, leave quickly, and do a fantastic job.

Desert Air
(775) 359-0656
Comments: Per Jill: Desert Air did my annual HVAC check up. They are very familiar and comfortable with the HVAC systems in our units and were thorough and professional.

Mountain West Heating and Air Conditioning
(775) 737-1917
Comments: Per Julie: AMAZING. Andrew replaced our air conditioner. He was reasonably priced, understood our unique unit, tried other methods before replacement (many others just suggested replacement). He was second cheapest but amazing service and we had great confidence in his abilities. Highly recommend Andrew for anything.
Comments: Per Jill: Andrew’s company provided amazing, prompt service at a very fair price. Thanks to Julie for listing it in the Provider List.
Comments: Per Rich and Barb: I also used Andrew – Mountain West this year for a full unit replacement as the air conditioning was not working.  He is a pleasure to work with and very efficient.  Glad to hear that others agree.  A young man with a new baby and a successful business!

Need input here.

Alpine Lock & Key Inc.
(775) 345-2574
Comments: Per John: They have changed locks in my unit on the same day I called. They are close by on Ryland to get keys made, etc. Friendly, fast service from multiple persons on multiple occasions.

Campbell’s One & Done Moving Service
Jason Campbell
(775) 685-4122
Comments: Per Kathleen: Jason is a very competent and careful mover. He and his team take pride in their work. He moved all my possessions into storage without a glitch. I highly recommend him for any small or large job. He is familiar with The Montage.
Comments: Per John: I contacted Jason about using his moving service and to see if he had any changes to this post. After an email and multiple calls over a 3-week period, he has still not replied. I would think twice about using any service provider who is unresponsive.

NOTARY: Karen Jean Waite, CPMSM, LLC
Karen Waite
(530) 913-0426
Comments: Per Karen: I conveniently live in The Montage and can notarize most documents at a cost of $15 per document.

The UPS Store
(775) 322-5105
Comments: Per John: They have notarized many documents for me at a cost of $15 per document. They are close by on Keystone at 5th next to to Save Mart. Friendly, fast service from multiple persons on multiple occasions.

Finish Professional Painting, Inc.
Ruben Hernandez
(775) 507-4145
Comments: Per John: Ruben and his team did an amazing job painting our unit and we are very demanding customers when it comes to painting. I wish I knew about Ruben and his company sooner.

Dey Fit Endurance Training
Brandon Dey
(775) 560-5022
Comments: Per Heather: Brandon has been helping me with strength training since 2018. I was terrified of all the gym equipment, but my Dr. said I needed to work on strength/weight bearing exercises for my bone health. With Brandon’s help, I have come a long way. He is dependable, professional and knows his business. I appreciate that he tailors the sessions to my particular needs. I highly recommend his fitness services and appreciate the convenience of our sessions right here at The Montage gym.

Need input here.

Sports and Performance Physical Therapy
Carrie Cameron
(775) 470-5881
Comments: Per Myra: Carrie is the best. She’s the owner, and my favorite, but the other therapists are also very good. Carrie spotted issues that multiple doctors missed! Lots of Montage folks use her and her place. Close, too … right next to the Art Museum.

Need input here.

Jet Plumbing & Drain Services
(775) 331-3933
Comments: Per John: Multiple residents including myself have had positive feedback re Jet Plumbing. E.g., they did a good job replacing Heather’s garbage disposal, fixing my kitchen drain, and rebuilding my toilets. Note: Jet Plumbing does not do HVAC work at The Montage.

Western Nevada Supply
Katie McDonald
(775) 359-5800
Comments: Per John: Katie is absolutely wonderful. She has worked with us on four of our properties and we would definitely work with her on any future property.

ERA Realty Central
Mary Babiasz
(775) 843-1600
Comments: Per John: I have worked with Mary on residential, multi-family residential, and commercial property purchases and sales. Most recently, she represented me on the purchase of The Montage north commercial space. Before that, she sold my unit 614 in The Montage for a full-price, all cash deal that closed within 2 weeks. She is also very detail-oriented and even catches errors made by the other agents and/or title companies. Another benefit is that she lives and works in The Montage so she knows the building well and is readily available for listings and showings.

Gung-Ho Storage
Sara Guthrie
(775) 851-3666
Comments: Per John: When I moved to Downtown Reno, I discovered the closest public self-storage facilities are at least a mile outside of downtown. So, I created Gung-Ho Storage to build self-storage units that are within walking distance for people living, working, and moving in to Downtown Reno. All our new storage facilities are climate-controlled and feature state-of-the-art construction, inside and outside video surveillance. and secure 24/7 access.

D&L Tile, Inc.
Steve Boucher
(775) 826-7048
Comments: Per John: Steve’s company has done fantastic work in three of our properties including two units in The Montage. The work for us included tile, granite, slate, and Dekton. They have also done work for other units and directly for The Montage including the tile in the lobby.

Diana Eastman
(530) 823-3440
Comments: Per John: This is a unique, metal-based perforated shade product that reduces heat yet you can see through it during the day and others cannot see in. Diana did all 3 stories of our windows at The Montage.

Battle Born Blinds & Repair
Gil Huerta
(775) 856-9294
Comments: Per Jill: Very knowledgeable about the building and blind options and repairs.
Comments: Per John: I spoke with Gil and he will only do repairs in The Montage because the metal in the soffit areas prevents him from doing installation work.

Legacy Home Improvement
Max Mangolin
(775) 499-5577
Comments: Per John: Max and Anderson (owners) are both perfectionists that do excellent work. For us, they did our walk-in master closet, built-in cabinets, a wedge-shaped desk, and an L-shaped table. They have very creative ideas and are reasonably priced for such quality custom work.
Update: Per John: Legacy has expanded its service offering and Anderson was bought out. Consequently, we have experienced extensive delays in completing work (which is still great) per the schedule they promise. These delays, in turn, affect work completion of the other trades that follow. I suggest giving Legacy some time to overcome their growing pains before giving them any new time-sensitive projects.

Leicht Haus
Scott Martin
(888) 599-5711
Comments: Per John: We could not find high-quality, modern, European style cabinets in Reno, so we went to the Bay Area and had Leicht cabinets (German) designed by Blue Plum. They look and work great although they take about 4 months to get delivered. Scott was very patient as he created 2 kitchens and a bunch of other cabinets for our bedrooms, offices, and laundry. Definitely worth the drive if you want those type of cabinets.

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